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The Original Track Day Girl!!!

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In recent years, Marika Krejci of Team Pro-Motion, fell in love with motorcycles and the race track!! Marika was having so much fun that she wanted to find a way to get more girls to the track so she could share this amazing experience. That's when she knew what she needed to do and Track Day Girl began!!

Have you ever wanted to try riding on the track but were completely intimidated by it?? Oh yes, the thought of it can be scary if you’re not familiar with what goes on there. The hustle and bustle of the experienced track day goers will make your head spin BUT that’s exactly why Track Day Girl is a great place to start!! Marika will be your go-to girl! She’s specifically there to answer all of your questions, help you get started and direct you to the places you need to be. There are also tons of other coaches around that will be more than happy to help!! If it’s your first time ever on the track then you will need to go to riding school (ART1). Once you meet other first timers your nerves will start to settle. And then after you go out onto the track for the first time you will be so excited you did it that you will already want to sign up for day 2!!! Lol.

Track Day Girl is offered at multiple tracks on the East Coast when you become a member of Team Pro-Motion! You can ride in Virginia at VIR, North Carolina at NC Bike and New Jersey at NJMP. Once you have been on the track a handful of times you can sign up for the Track Day Girl Race!! Woohoo!!! You will need to go to race school in the morning to learn the rules of racing. Then you will need to enter into the race in order to complete race school. The most proud moment of your day with be the certificate you get once you cross the finish line… (it’s the little things in life that get us excited, right??!!). I was jumping up and down, and running all over the paddock waving my certificate around like a nut job!! Hahaha

Thank you Marika for all of your hard work and dedication to the sport of motorcycle racing!! You have given females an opportunity that they might not have jumped on if it weren't for Track Day Girl! The ladies may still only make up 2% of the sport but with a leader like you paving the way, that number is sure to grow!! xoxo  


You can sign up for Track Day Girl by visiting:

Track Day Girl Dates:

  • April 18th – NCBike
  • July 3rd – NJMP Thunderbolt
  • August 2nd – VIR South Course
  • October 3rd - NCBike

“Track Day Girls mission is to provide a FUN, SAFE and less intimidating environment that women who are new to the track can build their skill and confidence! TDG is available for any woman rider who is just starting out riding on the track or just enjoy the comradery of riding with just other women who share their passion." 

 Below: Marik Krecji

Photo credit: The SB Image

Marika Krejci
Track Day Girl coordinator


Don't forget to purchase your RIDE LIKE A GIRL RACING apparel to take with you to the track!!



  1. Your number one hesitation for doing a track day?

  2. Questions you have about what to expect?

  3. Your experience on the track that might help others!!

  4. What you LOVE about track days??


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