Happy Birthday USA!!! And the Ladies ROCKED the weekend!!! July 26, 2015 13:37

What an AMAZING weekend for the Ladies!! This past 4th of July we had so many great reasons to CELEBRATE!! It all started on Friday July 3rd with Team Pro-Motion's Track Day Girl which was created by Marika Krejci! You can enjoy all the same benefits of a regular track day but with the support of other female riders and two amazing female coaches… Donna Gardner and Julie Infurna!! Make sure you take the opportunity to work with them! Ask them questions, have them follow you for a few laps, and get their feedback… They want to help you improve and they are great at helping you get there!!

Next was the Track Day Girl GP Moto! A race with all girls! It might not sound intimidating but these girls are fierce!! From beginners to experts, everyone is out to have a great time and enjoy some heavy heated competition! The big difference between guys and girls racing… girls jump up and down, hug each other, and cheer for one another out of the pure joy and excitement that we did it together!! The proof is in the smiles!! Race participants included Sj Harris, Donna Gardner, Claudia Guldimann, Marika Krejci, Julie Infurna, Crystal Schultz, Rebecca Brown, Betsy Rios, and Jeanine Schroder!!

And the excitement doesn’t stop there folks!! This weekend just keeps getting better!! There is no greater feeling of accomplishment then getting bumped up into the next riding group!! Congratulations to the FIVE Team Pro-Motion girls that worked their asses of this weekend and were given the right of passage… new stickers!!! WooHoo!! Proud new owners of Yellow Group stickers are Christa Faust, Johanna Joseph and Jeanine Schroder!! Crystal Schultz and Rachel Romeo are now killing it in the Red Group!! Great job Ladies!!!

And the Grand Finale to this AMAZING 4th of July weekend… The US Women’s World Cup Soccer Team takes the GOLD!! These ladies truly showed the world what they are made of: Passion, commitment, drive, courage, strength, relentlessness, pride… the list goes on and on!!! Just a perfect finish to an already incredible weekend!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA!!!!! And the Ladies ROCKED IT!!!!

 (L-R) Coach Julie, Marika Krejci, Coach Donna
 Track Day Girl Racers!!!
 Christa Faust & Coach Donna - Yellow Group!!!
 Johanna Joseph - Yellow Group!!!
 Jeanine Schroder & Coach Donna - Yellow Group!!!
 Crystal Schultz - Red Group!!!
 Rachel Romeo & Coach Donna - Red Group!!! 
 US Women's World Cup Team!!!
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1. How did you spend your 4th of July?

2. Are you interested in trying Track Day Girl??

3. What was it like when you got bumped to the next group?

4. Which World Cup Team were you cheering for??