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A few years ago I received a phone call from a young woman. We spoke for about 45 minutes… well, she spoke, and I mostly listened ;) I didn’t want to interrupt her excitement while she was telling me all about her passion and her dreams of one day becoming a female motorcycle racer!! Nothing was going to get in her way and she wasn’t going to stop fighting for something that was deeply embedded within her heart! Anyone can talk the talk but when they put words into action it becomes a whole new game and that’s exactly what Sj Harris has done! On any given weekend you can find Sj at a racetrack somewhere on the East Coast. Her dedication to her goals and to racing are truly inspiring! On July 3rd 2015, Team Pro-Motion had a Track Day Girl event at New Jersey Motorsport Park which also included an All Girl’s GP Moto Race. I participated in this race knowing that there was some heavy heated competition and that these girls were no joke, Sj being one of them!! During CCS race weekends at NJMP you can find me working the corners as Safety Crew. I get to know most of the riders, including Sj, by their body positions and riding styles. It’s one thing to watch racers fly by me while flagging but it was a whole different story when I was actually participating in the race myself. The “1” board went up, the green flag was waving, we all took off down the front straight and then just like lightning from out of nowhere, Sj came tearing ass around the first corner. I knew it was her right away just by her body position that I had seen so many times from my corner station. It was just incredible to watch her in action from that perspective. At that very moment, I knew Sj had meant every word she spoke to me two years earlier. To witness how far she had come, to know how much time and effort and hard work she had put into her dreams, and to have never lost sight of them is amazing! All of her hard work paid off as she took 1st place in the Girl’s GP Moto. It was an honor to be in that race with her and the rest of the incredibly fast ladies!!

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Roadracing World Magazine: www.roadracingworld.com/news/harris-wins-team-pro-motion-gp-moto-girl-race-at-njmp/

photo credit: The SB Image


Girl’s GP Moto Racers: (L to R) Rebecca Brown, Jeanine Schroder, Donna Gardner, Sj Harris, Claudia Guldimann, Betsy Rios. Missing from photo: Marika Krejci, Crystal Shultz and Julie Infurna


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  1. How does Sj Harris inspire you??

  2. What are some of your dreams and goals?

  3. How have you accomplished what you set out to do?

  4. What are some struggles in reaching your goals?