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WOMAN'S WEDNESDAY - Crystal Crystal. My friend the Champ!

With one CCS round still remaining, Crystal Crystal has already secured the Championship! Congratulations to my friend, the Champ!

On Sunday, September 1st, at New Jersey Motorsport Park, Crystal was able to obtain a crowning achievement in the All Girl's Race Class series. This year the Championship Cup Series (CCS) added a race class dedicated to female motorcycle racers. With growing competition, Crystal secured two third place podiums bringing her total points for 2019 to 284, putting her in the top position for an overall victory! Congratulations to Crystal and all of the fierce females battling it out on the pavement as well!! 

Crystal Crystal and I first met at a TeamPromotion (TPM) Trackday Girl event at NJMP in 2013. She has been a supporter of RIDE LIKE A GIRL RACING since the beginning. We've had many great trackdays where we battled it out with each other. I'd pass her, she'd pass me, and then I'd eat it! (seems to be my reoccurring theme!) Her passion and love for this sport has grown tremendously over the years. You can even find her coaching for the Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club (MARRC) at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia.

Racing wasn't even on Crystal's mind when she first started street riding in 2004. But when the opportunity came knocking and she was not going to miss out! Crystal has been racing for the past two seasons with CCS. She has traveled up and down the East Coast, laying some rubber down at Pocono Raceway, New Jersey Motorsport Park, Summit Point Raceway, Virginia International Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Carolina Motorsports Park, and the iconic Daytona International Speedway! Talk about dedication! 

In conclusion, Crystal is a respectable badass!


 Crystal Crystal Fun Facts: 

  1. Name: Crystal ~ Rider 229
  2. Location: P-tonks! 
  3. Race Bike: 2006 Suzuki Gsx-R 600
  4. Favorite race track: Summit Point, WV.
  5. Dream racetrack: There’s no dreaming, there’s only riding. Make it happen! 
  6. Top speed ever: I can’t say. Sprocket changes change the speedometer reading. If I’d have to say something here, I’ve gone fast enough where my helmet hits my nose. 
  7. Best improved lap time: My first weekend racing at CMP, I was able to shave off about 30 seconds from the morning practice rounds, maintaining about 10 seconds off a few experts
  8. Best thing about racing: Of course, winning, but I didn’t do that too much. The adrenaline rush you get when the flag drops and your fighting to get to turn one, dragging a knee in turns you've never put it down in before and of course, the ability to safely maneuver a motorcycle around others, makes it all worth it!. 
  9. When did you start riding motorcycles: 2004
  10. How long did it take you to start racing motorcycles: Over a decade or so, as I mainly rode street. It wasn't until 2013, when I visited a racetrack, gained some experience and became licensed for Cup racing. After a few years, I obtained my CCS race license.
  11. What got you into motorcycle racing: My street friends told me to try a trackday and the girl day with TPM.
  12. Why do you race motorcycles: It’s damn well fun!
  13. Who inspires you: It’s not always a who as sometimes it’s a what. I don’t think there’s a sole inspiration in life and that's the beauty of learning; change and growth. 
  14. Favorite person to race against: Myself. If you could only hear my potty mouth as I am scolding myself in my helmet.
  15. What’s the hardest part about racing: Passing, as you’ll never be able to predict the riding ability others have. 
  16. One essential piece of equipment on your bike that you can't live without on race day: Girl, that’s not a one! So many things come into play for this hobby but it always comes down to how much money you can spend, so a small plastic device used in financial transactions lol. 
  17. Where do you see the future of Women’s motorcycle racing: Well I don’t see myself sexualizing this sport for attention and to get somewhere with it. I have so much more to learn and I can’t see it going past a hobby. I’m an old lady and it’s only for fun. When that stops happening the game is done. 
  18. Is it difficult for women/girls to get sponsorship or paid to race: Not as hard as it is for the men but sometimes that comes with a different price tag. 
  19. Any advise you have for securing sponsorships: Be safe and respected on the track while graciously pushing yourself for a win because results pay. 
  20. What are some obligations to your sponsors: Giving the accolades they deserve in order to help grow their businesses and showing support by running their stickers. 
  21. What do you have to say to aspiring young female riders that will one day follow in your foot steps: You put your pants on the same way as others but if they’re too tight cut some fat. Not everyone is in your corner supporting you. 
  22. Do other female athletes from other sports inspire you: See my response to #13. Never limit inspiration, as any limits you put on yourself shut doors. 
  23. What other sports and hobbies do you enjoy: Volleyball, cycling, snowboarding, paintball, rollerblading, traveling, reading and exercising. 
  24. What else do you do when your not being a badass motorcycle racer: Living a normal life.
  25. Any last words of advice: Sometimes paying your own way makes the reward better. Although we are relationship based beings, conforming to a label or other's standards, may create unnecessary stress and you may lose focus of the bigger picture. And stay humble.


Well deserved accolades (Help and sponsors)


Riders personal preferences: 

  • Pirelli Tires
  • Shoei helmets
  • Alpinestar suits & gloves
  • Sidi boots
  • Chickenhawk tire warmers
  • Vortex sprockets & rear sets
  • Ohlins suspension & steering dampener
  • Penske fork kit
  • Rotella oil
  • Woodcraft chain guard & sliders
  • Yoshimura exhaust system 
  • Hot bodies race kit
  • DID chains
  • (miscellaneous parts)
  • Vp fuels 
  • Tech spec pads

Have a questions about racing? Leave it in the comments below! Feel like shopping? Use the code WOMANSWEDNESDAY15 for 15% off your entire purchase!!


Ride safe,



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